Praise the Lord! :)

Recently Ana started to roll from her front to back.  This was such a huge advancement for her that I cannot even begin to describe how excited we all were when we first saw her do this.  All I can say now is “Praise the Lord!”  Ana has been somewhat slower than other babies in her development but I am thankful that she is getting there at her own speed.  She still doesn’t flip from her back to stomach, but I hope it’ll come soon too.  She really dislikes her tummy time with passion so it kind of pains me to make her do it, but it looks like there is no way around it.  Through her hard work of tummy time, she is now able to push her upper body up using her arms.  She can smile at the same time too if she gets distracted enough.  Most of the time when Nathaniel is around, her eyes are glued to him.  She finds him so fascinating.  I hope she grows up soon so that they can play together.

Another big news for the KO family is that we are in escrow!  I never thought we would buy a place but here we are!  We are thankful that God is allowing us to get a place so close to church and alex’s work.  We’ll post some pictures of our new place once we move in and settle down.

Here is a quick update on Ana:

She recently started to reach out for toys and showing more interest in them.  Praise the Lord that she seems to be more aware of her arms and seems to understand that she can use them to grab things!

As mentioned above, she recently started to flip!  Please pray that she’ll learn to flip the other way too!  🙂

Ana is getting much better with retching but she still retches and throws up a few times a day.  She also has a very tough time eating by mouth due to retching.  Please pray that she’ll learn to eat better by mouth.

Her cardiologist said that MAYBE she would not need another heart surgery!  Praise the Lord!!  🙂  This is a very slight chance, but nevertheless it is a praise.  🙂  The next echocardiogram will be in March.  This procedure may reveal that she may not need another heart surgery.  If it be God’s will, then she won’t have a big scar down the middle of her chest!  🙂  Hehehee!!

That is all for now–  so thankful that I get to take care of such a cute and precious little blob of joy!!





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